:: What Is The OSA ::

The OSA is a non-profit organization and is one of eight charters incorporated under the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress.

The OSA charter is comprised of three main areas in Southern Ontario:
Kitchener / Milton / Niagara Region

Each of these areas organizes their own tournaments, usually on a monthly basis, and all tournaments are open to anyone who wishes to play.

Once a year there is a Provincial tournament to qualify to play in the week long Canadian Shuffleboard Championship event held every October.

The criteria for playing in the OSA provincials are:

•        A league member must have played in 3 tournaments during the season. (Nov – May)
•        Players participating in the OSA Playdowns must buy an OSA membership card

There are six other charters extending from southern Ontario to Victoria British Columbia.
Every year players from each of these charters compete at a provincial level in order to qualify to play in the Canadian Championship event.

There are five categories of competition which are:

•        Ladies Singles
•        Men’s Singles
•        Ladies Doubles
•        Men’s Doubles and
•        Mixed Doubles

The job of hosting this event each year is done in a rotational manner from province to province.


On November 27, 1964, twenty-two dedicated shuffleboard players from across Canada elected an official executive body that confirmed the
status of the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress and the Constitution, Rules and Regulations.

A resolution was passed, "Each Province is to have Regional areas with each area composed of their own elected executives.  The elected
executives in turn will choose a member(s) to represent their group to the Provincial Association.  The Provincial Association would have
representation in the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress."

For a complete listing of the Official Rules and Regulations governing Table Shuffleboard, please contact the
Secretary of the Canadian
Shuffleboard Congress.

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