:: What Is The OSA ::

The OSA is a non-profit organization and is one of eight charters incorporated under the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress.

The OSA charter is comprised of three main areas in Southern Ontario:
Kitchener / Milton / Niagara Region

Each of these areas organizes their own tournaments, usually on a monthly basis, and all tournaments are open to anyone who wishes to play.

Once a year there is a Provincial tournament to qualify to play in the week long Canadian Shuffleboard Championship event held every October.

The criteria for playing in the OSA provincials are:

•        A league member must have played in 3 tournaments during the season. (Nov – May)
       Players participating in the OSA Playdowns must buy an OSA membership card

There are s
ix other charters extending from southern Ontario to Victoria British Columbia.
Every year players from each of these charters compete at a provincial level in order to qualify to play in the Canadian Championship event.

There are five categories of competition which are:

•        Ladies Singles
•        Men’s Singles
•        Ladies Doubles
•        Men’s Doubles and
•        Mixed Doubles

The job of hosting this event each year is done in a rotational manner from province to province.


On November 27, 1964, twenty-two dedicated shuffleboard players from across Canada elected an official executive body that confirmed the
status of the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress and the Constitution, Rules and Regulations.

A resolution was passed, "Each Province is to have Regional areas with each area composed of their own elected executives.  The elected
executives in turn will choose a member(s) to represent their group to the Provincial Association.  The Provincial Association would have
representation in the Canadian Shuffleboard Congress."

For a complete listing of the Official Rules and Regulations governing Table Shuffleboard, please contact the
Secretary of the Canadian
Shuffleboard Congress.

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