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Another successful Canadian Shuffleboard Championship is complete!

Once again the event was held in Calgary Alberta at Royal Canadian Legion
Jubilee Branch 286

A huge thank you goes out to Branch 286 and the awesome staff there.
They are all
volunteers  and went above and beyond to make each and every
person attending feel welcome!

On behalf of the Ontario Shuffleboard Executive we would like to thank all the
Southern Alberta Shuffleboard Association (SASA) for an amazing week!

                          " The Spirit Of Shuffleboard Lives On"
Canadian Shuffleboard Championship Winners Calgary Alberta October 2017
Mixed Doubles

1st :
Brenda Brown and Rico Beaulieu (OSA)
2nd: (L) Chucky Boustead and Mike Provencher (VISA)
3rd: ( R) Mona Sarrison and Greg Swift (MSA)
Ladies Singles

Robyn White (SSA)
2nd: Mona Sarrisin (L) (MSA)
3rd: Edie Clark (R) (VISA)
Grand Aggregate Winners

Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association (SSA)

Left to Right

Charlene Lucas,Jeremy Fox,Rod Betker,Marlowe Halverson
Dave Loughren,Cheryl Loughren and Robyn White
Men's Singles

Mike Provencher (VISA)
2nd: (L) Rick Rico Beaulieu (OSA)
3rd: (R) Rick Litman (SASA)
Ladie's Doubles

Robyn White and Charlene Lucas (SSA)
2nd: Sandra Docile and Katie Docile (L) (BCSA)
3rd: Cynthia Chudyk-Collins and Mona Sarrasin (R) (MSA)
Men's Doubles

Rico Beaulieu and John Crites ( OSA)
2nd: Jeremy Fox and Rod Betker (SSA)
3rd: Rick Litman and Jamie McCrimmon (L) (SASA)