1st Place
Aaron Taylor (L)
Rod Hoffman (R)
2nd Place
Gary Dixon (L)
John Luc Chatillion (R)
3rd Place
Theresa Lynk (L)
Joyce Davidson (R)
Presented by Bonnie Redmond VP / OSA
4th Place
Roger Lacourse and Rob Gillies (not available for photo)
Presented by Bonnie Redmond VP/OSA
October 24 2009 Draw for Partners Milton
1st Place Oct 24 2009 Milton
2nd Place Oct 24 2009 Milton
3rd Place Oct 24 2009 Milton
4th Place Oct 24 2009 Milton

Eighteen teams showed up for this tournament which was held in memory of Audrey Denny who passed away in
August of this year. She is missed and will always be missed very much.
Audrey was a cornerstone for the OSA and was loved by all of the players. Rest in peace
:: Winners ::

  • 1st:  Merv Neil and Scotty Burwell
  • 2nd: Claude Crites and Doug Johnson
  • 3rd:  Roger Lacourse and Jessie Thompson
  • 4th:  Gary Dixon and Reggie Mailloux

No photos available
October 17 2009  Draw for Partners Port Colborne
:: Ontario Shuffleboard Association ::
November 14 2009 Draw for Partners Kitchener
:: Winners ::
It was a beautiful November day in Ontario and twelve teams showed up for the first tournament of the season in Kitchener.
Patricia was there were some fantastic eats and everyone had a great day!
1st Place
Chris Lesperance (L)
Merv Neil (R)
2nd Place
Nancy Jean Wagar (L)
Mark Lindaur (R)
3rd Place
Al Kuenzler (L)
Darlene Perusello (R)
November 21 2009 Draw for Partners Port Colborner
:: Winners ::
Seven teams played at the Belmont Hotel in Port Colborne with the following results.
1st Place
Merv Neil (L)
Elvis Racicot(R)
2nd Place
Doug Johnson(L)
Roger Lacourse (R)
3rd Place
Gary Dixon
Dennis Greenwood
November 28 2009 Draw for Partners Milton
:: Winners ::
Those who didn't play in the Legion Zone on the weekend showed up to draw a partner in Milton.
A good day was had by all and shuffleboard comradery reigned
1st Place
Dave Gillies
Bonnie Redmond
2nd Place
Roy Stuart(L)
Farmer Baverstock (R)
:: Winners ::